Bon voyage

Minutes before we depart! One day of traveling and we will be landing in Germany! 🇩🇪



One Week Until Travel

I leave for Germany in one week. Yes, you read that correctly. One Week. Am I ready? No. Am I overwhelmed. YES! I am more excited than a kid at Christmas, but I am not very sure what to expect. What do I pack? What don’t I pack? How will the flight be? Have I mentioned I have never left the country before? Or that I know little to no German? It is going to be a chance of a lifetime and I am more than enthusiastic to hop on the plane to Ger-man-y with a dream and a cardigan, but it is all happening so so fast. As my to do list dwindles down and anxiety skyrockets up I will soon be immersed into a different country and all of the culture that it contains. A new family, a new job, a new home, a new school, a new chance. A chance to have the adventure of a life time. An adventure that will start in one week!


Meet my German host family. Five people that I am absolutely dying to meet!!! Thanks for the emails and fabulous snapchats along the way! These are the Bekkars! There’s three daughters Bella, Elena, Carlotta and parents Ralf and Katja.Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 10.59.15 PM

First Entry!!

Hello world!!! This is my first official entry to my blog. This blog will take you through my day to day journey throughout Europe. I will be leaving the good ‘ole United States in less than one month!!! I will soon “hop on the plane to…” Werne, Germany where I will live with a host family and teach English at a local school!! This blog will be filled with a variety of things such as pictures, videos, stories, and events that I experience while abroad. Stay tuned for more and exciting details leading up to my trip!!

Not all who travel go to find a place, some go to find themselves.