Day 20

As the days get colder, the urge to leave my bed in the morning get harder and harder. Do you know hard it is to wake up early, look “nice” for school, put on 10 layers of clothing: scarf, gloves, earmuffs, puffy jacket….etc, ride bike for 20 mins….where it gets colder yet hotter at the same time, then ride the car to school just to sit for forty five mins. I’m telling you… It’s not an easy life… Absolutely kidding. Well… Sort of. It is cold and it is hard to ride a bike but I have a feeling I will miss the easy comfort of no traffic and freedom that the bike gives. School was school. There are a few students that I am convinced I am taking home with me but the real fun is after school. I had AWESOME spaghetti once again and chilled with the sisters before having to take them back to Lünen for their music lessons. My mom and I went shopping and I decided that I need more money. More money so I can buy lots of expensive European clothes that won’t fit in my suitcase meaning I will have to buy another one and then proceed to ph for extra baggage but really I just want everything!! I am torn from this tj max/marshals vibe I got going on with clothes to wanting a €250 jacket. Ohhh the life of a broke college kid in Europe! One day, one day soon I will have money to buy everything!


Day 19

Today is December 1st? Where has the time gone? There’s no way that is already the end of the year. I graduate in two weeks? There’s not a better way then celebrating the last two weeks of my education than spending them in the best place ever, aka Europe. Today, for the first day of Sinterklauss, I got a chocolate advent calendar. Every day I get to open it up and eat a delicious piece of chocolate. Literally heaven in my mouth. School was school but after school was a good day. I got to walk around town and walk into all the shops. As much walking as I have done , it was the first time I got to go in them. Everything is very expensive, so when I become a mega millionaire a shopping spree is on my list. Also, my favorite part is that a lot of places have benches to sit outside. Problem is that it is freezing outside and no one wants to sit…. How do they fix that? Every bench or table or seat has a blanket on it… Next to warm candles… You just sit and borrow and leave them there? What kind of fairytale am I living?!? It’s perfect!

Today I put more pictures of the town:





In the pictures above you will see: a cute german house…typical. My house (with the white nkd sign) the blanket benches and a cute cash register.

Day 18

After today, I can officially say that I have been to 3 countries. The United States, Germany, and the Netherlands. I got to experience a town called Enschede, Holland. Bella and I went there to go Christmas shopping! It was so cute. Everyone is so friendly! I got to see some of Sinterklauss’s “elves” in their festival activities, try some Dutch food including chocolate and cheese of course, and see some of the local sites! It was so much fun! I wish I could have explored more! 3 countries down… 193 to go!
I even got to skype my three best friends!!! I was so excited to see them and tell them about my experience and show them around my house!!! I’m not homesick at all but it is nice to be able to share this experience with all my loved ones.




Day 17

Today, on a Saturday, I woke up at 645 am. You will never or have never heard those words come out of my mouth. School had an open house and they had a program for ky which I was supposed to represent. The school was so cool. I’m 22 and I want to go there! They had plays going on, a rock band, music instruments playing everywhere, a tight rope walk, a roller skating type thing (very very hard to do) and so much more. Plus it was the first time I got to see some of my Anne frank gimnasium friends since Berlin! It was so much fun!

Later, we went to the christmas festival in Dortmund! I SAW THE WORLDS LARGEST CHRISTMAS TREE!!! It was made up of 1700 “average” Christmas trees, 50000 strands of lights and a Christmas topper that weighs 400 pounds. It was absolutely magical. They even have an area open where Santa comes out to play instruments every hour. They even have Santa’s village there! As I walked around the Christmas market, drinking the BEST hot chocolate in my souvenir mug my host mom bought me, I got to see Santa’s house where you can write letters and even bake cookies in the kitchen. The Christmas season is upon us. To finish the night, I got to watch frozen and sing along to my favorite tunes. What a magical day I have had. A great way to get in the spirit!!

Ellie and I in front of the worlds largest Christmas tree. The first picture is us in front of it and the second is it in all of its glory.

The best hot chocolate in my new souvenir mug!!

Original “christmas villages.” I WILL HAVE THESE IN MY HOUSE ONE DAY!

Lastly, a tribute the the original Snow White

Day 16

Today was the first day that I think I could skip writing about due to the amount of nothingness I have done. I have had a blast and cherish every moment I have had here, sight seeing, eating out, game nights, but today I think we were all feeling a lazy alone day. After school we had leftover thanksgiving and then did our own thing. Dad went to work, Bella went to work, Ellie went to study and Lotti went to hang out with a friend. Me, I napped and listened to music and just relaxed. Even in Germany, alone time is necessary. I attempted to catch up on my tv shows so I don’t have to marathon them when I get home, but like pandora… Those
apps are only available in the us… Weird. I am going to enjoy the rest of my early night in to prepare myself for the next two busy days!

Day 15

I made thanksgiving dinner…. Let me repeat that. I made thanksgiving dinner for my german family. Me. Morgan. The girl who burns toast, catches popcorn on fire, can’t cut through brownies, and even mess up making cereal by the non equivalent consistency of milk to grain proportion successfully cooked a homemade thanksgiving meal by myself. No “playing with the kids” or “looking busy” or “doing homework” to pass the time instead of helping this year. Excuse me while I float and praise myself for the next day or two. I made my own chicken, considering there is no turkey here, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh green and garlic green beans, homemade macaroni and cheese with german cheese, and corn on the cob. And for dessert, thanks to Haley Henderson, Hershey bar brownies. Okay, so the chicken was put in upside down and therefore the crunchy part was not eaten…. And the macaroni were a little over cooked, and Germans only eat crunchy beans not like us Kentuckians…. But thanksgiving was a huge success. Even though I had to go to school on thanksgiving for the first and only time in my ENTIRE LIFE. It’s horrible. My host family has asked me once about every hour if I am okay and if I am homesick… Yes I miss my family and I wish I could be there, but no…. I am so blessed to here and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean… How many times can you make Thanksgiving dinner for a different family in a different country?! The funniest part of the evening was when my host sister, Ellie, felt more sorry for me that I was missing Black Friday over thanksgiving. Random interruption… My phone autocorrects Black Friday to be capitalized… But not thanksgiving. Priorities. Anyways. The best part of the day was getting to skype my family back home for the first time! My host family LOVED getting to meet everyone and I was so happy to get to share that with them. Even though it feels absolutely wrong and immoral to go to school tomorrow… I must prepare for an early morning and a solo day of teaching.

Ellie get down and dirty with the chicken. “And we will eat all night with the best chicken ever. And he will taste alright because he is the best chicken ever. And he didn’t put up a fight because he is the best chicken ever. Bock bock bock.” 🐔🎶🎶 r.i.p. Sir Henry the dead. You have be gratefully appreciated.

The grand feast itself.

Day 14

Well today was better. I found my way successfully without getting lost! And school was better! They are such sweet kids but I do miss the kiddos at home. After school, I hung out with Jessica for a while. It was nice just to sit down and watch some good ole American YouTube while eating german gummy bears and german chocolate. Finally, when it was lunch time, I headed home by bike and came in to some DELICIOUS noodle soup. I don’t know if I just love everything because it is fresh or because I am hungry all the time or if I have to eat it because it’s the only thing there but I like trying everything and have not disliked anything yet! Eating made me so sleepy I intended on taking a 30 minute nap but I was awoken by Ellie jumping on my bed wanting to know what I was doing and how everything was going and just every detail of my life. We are so much alike it’s crazy. Lotti joined the party and we decided to make Christmas cookies while listening to the king of christmas himself, Michael Buble. It was a nice taste of home! Speaking of home, I had to go to the store to buy food for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I have never in my life made Thanksgiving…. So this shall be interesting…. And shopping is hard here…. Nothing is the same. Which I knew… But still. No velvetta. No sweet tea. No American cheese. No corn on the cob…. Whatttt???! The good news was that I got to talk to my mamaw for the first time in a long time. She gave me tips for how to cook food! Hopefully I can FaceTime everyone tomorrow!! The rest of the night was filled with laughter around the dinner table. Although I am going to miss not being with my wild and crazy family for Thanksgiving, I have a great second family to be thankful for.

For my pictures… I decided to show a little bit more of my house!

This is the back of the apartment leading to the parents room. The door leads to the laundry room and the back corner is the office where the front corner is the musical room.

The living room

The view from the living room showing the dining room and kitchen area.

The main entry way leading to the living room.

Not all who travel go to find a place, some go to find themselves.