The last post.

One month. That’s all the time I was allowed to stay here in Germany. Eight Kentucky girls set off to live with a new family in a new country and now we have become a sort of family. I could not see them for a couple of hours but run into them at the market and still have the same level of excitement that I would if I had not seen them in months. What am I going to do when I look out my window and don’t see beautifully colored house on the edge of town? What about my bike? Did I really just say I would miss my bike? And the school and the kids. I could sit here and tell you every little thing that I will miss about Germany but in reality, it is not just one thing, but the entire experience altogether. I have already lived through this once. I worked at Disney for seven months and worked with the best people and lived with my soulmates. However, I keep returning to find out that it never quite the same. I picture that this will be the same. I only hope that I am blessed to come back to this place and see the people that I have come to love. It just doesn’t seem fair that I did not get to spend more time here.

Like I mentioned before, this will be my last post. No, I am not leaving Europe quite yet, but my time student teaching is over. Tomorrow is my last full day here and I want to spend every second of it living up life to the fullest. My mom will come on Thursday and we will be off to Paris and London until Christmas. I am not sure what type of wifi I will have which just lets me think that I should end now. However, I will continue to post pictures on Facebook and will make a movie of my adventure and will try to post the link to either Facebook or this blog.

I have never blogged before, and honestly would never thought that people would read it. I can’t wait to look back and remember my adventures and remember the time I spent here. As my main man Walt once said, “it’s not goodbye… “It’s see you later”


One thought on “The last post.”

  1. An experience of a lifetime. You have truly been blessed with a great host family.Have fun with mom. I know you will enjoy all the things you have planned.


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