Day 22

Good friends. Good home. Good family. Good food. Good time. I like to think of life as a book that is currently being written. Yes, there are bad parts and bad people in your “book” but where would the fun be if you only read the same story over and over. As the pages turn, people change and although change has been one of my biggest fears growing up, it is something that I have realized is so important. How many people can read a book and stop to think that “this is the moment” “this is the moment that something good and wonderful and beautiful will happen to my character” No one votes for anything bad to happen to the protagonist when reading their book. Everyone roots for you. But it is always exciting to know that you have no idea what is written on the next page and once you finally get there, it was worth it. Everything that lead up to that point. My chapter in Germany will unfortunately be ending in one short week. But for now, this experience, will hopefully be one that I can look back on and say… That was the moment.


4 thoughts on “Day 22”

  1. Morgan, Mrs. Patton,
    We are so sorry that we haven’t responded to your blog! Our school life is sooo busy as we have added yet another WIN Time. The day Has little to no down time. Anyway…We have been reading your posts and looking at the beautiful images in Germany. The students are so excited to read your blogs. We turn out the lights and I read to them. You are so expressive which keeps the students interested in your experiences. We can’t believe that you only have one more week! What? That is unbelievable! Where have the weeks gone? We are so happy that you had a great host family to make you feel welcome in a new country. They appear to be very kind and gracious! We will write again next week before your journey comes to a close.Continue to have a wonderful experience. Until next time…Mrs. Holloway and Class.
    Thanks for the fabulous images! They are awesome!


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