Day 21

It is sometimes a struggle teaching students who don’t speak English. First of all, I like to say jokes and tell stories and overall be friendly… But that doesn’t work when kids just stare at you blankly and have no idea what you say. However, today, I finally had my I love these kids moments. I unfortunately have to say that almost all german kids are absolutely adorable. I want to take some home with me. Seriously they could almost all be catalog models…. So so so cute. My funny story today is about a little boy. Jessica was explaining directions on how to do something….which in itself is a complicated task. You have to do a lot of work. You need examples, student examples, everything read, actions, a blood sample and maybe a kidney. Okay, joking on the last two, but it’s hard work to make sure they understand. Anyways, she asked if they got it and most kids nodded or gave a thumbs up, except for one kid in the back. Keep in mind these are non english speakers in the third grade…8 years old. He took a breath, smoothed out his shirt, and then calmly said.. “Thank you for the information.” It was so quiet and Jessica, the cooperating teacher and I just lost it. Tears rolling down my face, he just looked so proud and didn’t understand why we were laughing. Oh man do kids say the darnedest things.


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