Day 20

As the days get colder, the urge to leave my bed in the morning get harder and harder. Do you know hard it is to wake up early, look “nice” for school, put on 10 layers of clothing: scarf, gloves, earmuffs, puffy jacket….etc, ride bike for 20 mins….where it gets colder yet hotter at the same time, then ride the car to school just to sit for forty five mins. I’m telling you… It’s not an easy life… Absolutely kidding. Well… Sort of. It is cold and it is hard to ride a bike but I have a feeling I will miss the easy comfort of no traffic and freedom that the bike gives. School was school. There are a few students that I am convinced I am taking home with me but the real fun is after school. I had AWESOME spaghetti once again and chilled with the sisters before having to take them back to Lünen for their music lessons. My mom and I went shopping and I decided that I need more money. More money so I can buy lots of expensive European clothes that won’t fit in my suitcase meaning I will have to buy another one and then proceed to ph for extra baggage but really I just want everything!! I am torn from this tj max/marshals vibe I got going on with clothes to wanting a €250 jacket. Ohhh the life of a broke college kid in Europe! One day, one day soon I will have money to buy everything!


2 thoughts on “Day 20”

  1. So do I need to bring an extra suitcase with me over to Germany? Maybe one filled with money? The suitcase I can handle, money not so much. I wish I could snuggle up in one of those blankets, with some hot chocolate & let my mind just relax. Hey try to get the recipe for that spaghetti so you can make it for us when we get home😗 Hope you have a great week & festive week!
    frohe Feiertage (Happy Holidays) 🎄🎁🎅


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