Day 19

Today is December 1st? Where has the time gone? There’s no way that is already the end of the year. I graduate in two weeks? There’s not a better way then celebrating the last two weeks of my education than spending them in the best place ever, aka Europe. Today, for the first day of Sinterklauss, I got a chocolate advent calendar. Every day I get to open it up and eat a delicious piece of chocolate. Literally heaven in my mouth. School was school but after school was a good day. I got to walk around town and walk into all the shops. As much walking as I have done , it was the first time I got to go in them. Everything is very expensive, so when I become a mega millionaire a shopping spree is on my list. Also, my favorite part is that a lot of places have benches to sit outside. Problem is that it is freezing outside and no one wants to sit…. How do they fix that? Every bench or table or seat has a blanket on it… Next to warm candles… You just sit and borrow and leave them there? What kind of fairytale am I living?!? It’s perfect!

Today I put more pictures of the town:





In the pictures above you will see: a cute german house…typical. My house (with the white nkd sign) the blanket benches and a cute cash register.


One thought on “Day 19”

  1. Adorable town! I think I could grab me a cup of hot chocolate in a cute little souvenir cup & sit cuddled up a bench with a couple of those blankets & read me some Snow White & the Seven Dwarves. I’m really looking foward to savoring some German chocolate. Hope you have a great week! Happy December 1st. Love you ❤️


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