Day 17

Today, on a Saturday, I woke up at 645 am. You will never or have never heard those words come out of my mouth. School had an open house and they had a program for ky which I was supposed to represent. The school was so cool. I’m 22 and I want to go there! They had plays going on, a rock band, music instruments playing everywhere, a tight rope walk, a roller skating type thing (very very hard to do) and so much more. Plus it was the first time I got to see some of my Anne frank gimnasium friends since Berlin! It was so much fun!

Later, we went to the christmas festival in Dortmund! I SAW THE WORLDS LARGEST CHRISTMAS TREE!!! It was made up of 1700 “average” Christmas trees, 50000 strands of lights and a Christmas topper that weighs 400 pounds. It was absolutely magical. They even have an area open where Santa comes out to play instruments every hour. They even have Santa’s village there! As I walked around the Christmas market, drinking the BEST hot chocolate in my souvenir mug my host mom bought me, I got to see Santa’s house where you can write letters and even bake cookies in the kitchen. The Christmas season is upon us. To finish the night, I got to watch frozen and sing along to my favorite tunes. What a magical day I have had. A great way to get in the spirit!!

Ellie and I in front of the worlds largest Christmas tree. The first picture is us in front of it and the second is it in all of its glory.

The best hot chocolate in my new souvenir mug!!

Original “christmas villages.” I WILL HAVE THESE IN MY HOUSE ONE DAY!

Lastly, a tribute the the original Snow White


4 thoughts on “Day 17”

  1. Little jealous! Mostly of your mug, think I’m going to have to get me one of them. I can only imagine how good their hot chocolate is since they have the best chocolate! Glad you had a good day. It’s nice seeing a smile on your face.
    frohe Weihnachten Merry Christmas 🎄


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