Day 14

Well today was better. I found my way successfully without getting lost! And school was better! They are such sweet kids but I do miss the kiddos at home. After school, I hung out with Jessica for a while. It was nice just to sit down and watch some good ole American YouTube while eating german gummy bears and german chocolate. Finally, when it was lunch time, I headed home by bike and came in to some DELICIOUS noodle soup. I don’t know if I just love everything because it is fresh or because I am hungry all the time or if I have to eat it because it’s the only thing there but I like trying everything and have not disliked anything yet! Eating made me so sleepy I intended on taking a 30 minute nap but I was awoken by Ellie jumping on my bed wanting to know what I was doing and how everything was going and just every detail of my life. We are so much alike it’s crazy. Lotti joined the party and we decided to make Christmas cookies while listening to the king of christmas himself, Michael Buble. It was a nice taste of home! Speaking of home, I had to go to the store to buy food for Thanksgiving tomorrow! I have never in my life made Thanksgiving…. So this shall be interesting…. And shopping is hard here…. Nothing is the same. Which I knew… But still. No velvetta. No sweet tea. No American cheese. No corn on the cob…. Whatttt???! The good news was that I got to talk to my mamaw for the first time in a long time. She gave me tips for how to cook food! Hopefully I can FaceTime everyone tomorrow!! The rest of the night was filled with laughter around the dinner table. Although I am going to miss not being with my wild and crazy family for Thanksgiving, I have a great second family to be thankful for.

For my pictures… I decided to show a little bit more of my house!

This is the back of the apartment leading to the parents room. The door leads to the laundry room and the back corner is the office where the front corner is the musical room.

The living room

The view from the living room showing the dining room and kitchen area.

The main entry way leading to the living room.


3 thoughts on “Day 14”

  1. You as so funny, you will definitely be miss at Thanksgiving tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet your adopted family next month. Good luck with dinner tomorrow, FaceTime us so we can see your beautiful face. And for record the King of music, any music is Elvis. Tell your family that on this Thanksgiving I’m very thankful that you have such a wonderful family watching over you! Love you to the moon & back!
    glücklicher erntedank
    (Happy Thanksgiving)


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