Day 13

Well. Today started off a wee bit rough. I got lost again. What? Morgan getting lost? That’s unheard of. Yah yah… I even left 30 minutes early and I was still late. Oh nein!! And do you know what… Teaching a foreign language is hard… Especially when you don’t know the primary language the kids speak. Shoutout to all the teachers that teach ESL because man oh man…. I am struggling. Yes the kids are adorable, but they just look at you like you are from out space… Imagine some rando walking into your class, wanting to teach you, and wanting you to do something but they only speak Chinese or Russian or some other language you know nothing of. Poor kids. Poor me. I mean. There are only so many hand gestures you can do before you wanna slap yourself in the face for not being able to communicate. Plus, we are still trying to figure out our expectations of what we are supposed to do. Do we play games? Do we write? DO THEY UNDERSTAND US? Language is a complicated thing. Plus, we are teaching British English, not American English! Have you got the colour grey on your trousers. Shoot. I need an English dictionary just for myself. Sheesh! I have also come to realize how blessed we truly are in America in the schools. What I would give for a smart board right about now. The schools don’t even have wifi so there is no internet, no computers, no overhead, no projector, no ANYTHING! Just a chalkboard. Yes a chalkboard. I haven’t even used a chalkboard since I was in the third grade. And these buttons. There’s a button for everything. Yes it looks fancy and cool and all high techy, but for once I like to go to the bathroom and not accidentally open the window when I want to flush the toilet or flush the toilet when I turn on the light. This is also coming from someone who has lived in the same house for 20 years and still does not know which of the five light switches turns on the dining room light…. So the problem is just me really. Three other hard lessons I have learned in Europe are:
1. When they give you bread in a basket…. You pay for the bread you eat. Man oh man was that a sad shock to the face.
2. The water is about $4 for one small baby bottle. AND refills are not free. BUT you can get a coke for $2.
3. Yo have to pay to use public bathrooms. No stopping in the restaurant for a quick pit stop unless you’re ready to spend about $1.50 to get into the restrooms.

So even when you are starving, don’t eat the bread so you don’t get thirsty and drink the water and have to use the bathroom. This will ultimately save you about $10.

Although this rant may seem negative or sad or me being grumpy… Life has never been better in the land of the red yellow and black. With my host family today I went to a small town called Lünen and visited my very first Christmas market! Think of the happiest place you have ever been, tied with a princess looking village, tied with you’re favorite time of year, with the best hot chocolate and you have my perfect description of a German Christmas Market. They are fabulous and have so much culture embedded into them! I can’t wait to travel to other cities and get to see what they are like! I spent the rest of the afternoon watching YouTube videos with my sister, Ellie, and my host mom! So many flashmobs. Though it may have been a rough start, I ended the day with the sad thought that I will eventually have to leave. Nein danke. Nein.





In the pictures above. You see my adorable sister Lotti, the beautiful town of Lünen, the Christmas market, and my typical white girl hot chocolate picture.


2 thoughts on “Day 13”

  1. The town sounds like a wonderful place to see. Keep your head up the kids at the school. I bet they are really in joying you in their class


  2. I’m sitting on my couch, burgundy blanket tucked underneath me protecting me from the cold leather couch; brown blanket snuggled around me; portable heater pointed toward me. I see the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree in front of me: all while I settle in to enjoy my favorite part of my day – reading your blog.
    Sounds like you had a very “stressful” day. I was thinking about you getting lost problem – pondered for a moment- and thought that maybe you could drop bread crumbs to help you find your way. But then, with the cost of bread-you’d be broke before the end of the week.
    All joking aside, I’m sorry you’re day was stressful, but I’m glad you get to come home to a happy family. I found your blog familiar entertaining as I could imagine you telling me in person about your day.
    Keep your spirits up- I am sure you are the highlight of these kids’ day. Have a good week, and as always thank your host family from us.
    Love ya, see ya soon, Mom


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