Day 10-11

Where to begin on my Berlin trip…. Well. For one. I just got back and I already am sad and missing it… Is that possible to miss a place when you only just got back? I feel that I will look back at this trip to Berlin and think of each and every memory and miss it terribly. The whole time I was there… I kept thinking that in a five months or a year or ten years from now… I am going to look back on this trip and remember what it felt like to be in such a magical place. Now onto the trip:

Friday, was such a long day. I came to a realization that I don’t like trains. The side to forth and constant stopping is not something I liked. I feel like I had anxiety attacks and it was not fun. So trains and Morgan make no fun trip. After we FINALLY got to Berlin after hours of traveling we went to eat at about 830. I finally got myself some American French fries and food and slept magically and happy that night.

Saturday was such a long and blissful day. I woke up, fed my happy stomach, and headed out for adventure. First stop was a church. This church was once a beautiful church that has been attack and now has remains left to make it more beautiful. Our next stop was the Berlin Wall. I have been to the Berlin Wall, I touched the Berlin Wall, I stood on both sides of the Berlin Wall, and I cannot believe that I was there. Emotional doesn’t even begin to describe the type of feeling that was felt. It felt numb to be at a place where such important history was made… It’s truly a beautiful disaster. The day was so long and filled with so many things that it all jumbles together. So… That day I also got to see the Brandenburg Gate, the Capital building, many holocaust memorial statues including a wall that children drew pictures depicting peace(tear jerker), Christmas markets, plenty of souvenir shops (christmas presents ✔️) saw a church older than our country, went to a department store so large that there was a grocery store in it… And so many more things that I could not even fathom into putting into words. I did cartwheels on the grass in front of buildings. And listened to the most interesting street music I have ever heard including some guy who plays a music box… That is a skill apparently.. Regardless, this may be one of my favorite days this entire year… There were so many laughs and so many times where I just simple stopped and thought about how in this place I was truly happy!

Morning was difficult this morning. After walking and staying up late, my body begged for sleep. Today was more of a leisure stroll. The only major place we went to was to see the president’s house and to climb the top of a statue that overlooks all of Berlin. After 278 stairs…. The view was beautiful. It never really felt like I was in Berlin, I just felt like I was in a normal place at home not in a major city in a different country. So far it hasn’t really hit me that I have been in Germany. I have learned so many interesting things about Berlin. For example the pedestrian crossings are different based on what part of Berlin you are in: east or west. One has a hat and one does not. Also, the city has a lot of bears everywhere that are similar to the horses in Louisville. Again… Sitting down I can’t sit down and think of what happened and even if I did I don’t know if I would want to write it down… It’s a story I want to tell. Yes I took about a million pictures and I could write a thousand words about each one, but for now, this is a lapse of my weekend… For more pictures… My Facebook has a whole album!


We are standing “on both sides of the Berlin Wall.” One foot in the east and one in the west.


Did I mention… I touched the Berlin Wall?


This church is older than our country… It is probably the most beautiful building I have ever seen…


Just another Berlin Wall touching picture.


3 thoughts on “Day 10-11”

  1. It looks like you had a great weekend, great pictures! Very memorable getting to see the Berlin Wall! Don’t get too tired of trains, we’ve got a long ride to Paris😁 Hope you have a great week. Love you & gute nacht


  2. Just got a chance to see if you wrote about your trip to Berlin. Glad you had such a great time. Once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to see see all your pictures. Mamaw and Papaw


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