Day 9

As I am packing my bag and about to leave to go to Berlin, I decided to write a short post just in case I can’t write this weekend. Today was a great day at school! I had to teach two lessons, one to sixth grade and one to eighth! Before I came here, I had my fifth grade class at home write letters to the german students. Today, I had the sixth grade students write back! So everyone at bates, if you wrote a letter, you will get one back!! The students were SO excited to write and bring pictures and to talk to “real American kids.” They kept thanking me and would talk to everyone in the class about who their American student is! I don’t want to come home but I can’t wait to bring these letters back to the American students!!! In the second class, I taught about Ellis island and immigration. We had the students write diary entries about their travels and experiences in America! It was so cool to hear another perspective!! I think the students really enjoyed it! Another great thing about today was that I got to open a letter from my best friend! Before I left, I was worried about communication. My best friend wrote me some letters with dates on them that I can read them! I was so excited when I woke up this Morning and realized that I could open it!!! Thanks for being awesome Morgan! And now, I have to hurry and pack, walk the kind of long walk back to school, and hop on the train. In about eight hours I will be in the capital city itself!!


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