Day 8

Today was yet another fun filled day with adventure! I had to teach two lessons today at school, one fifth grade and one seventh grade. For high school, these are the younger students since high school goes from 5-13. I have learned that I love teaching the younger ones. They do not speak much English and hey try so hard. But the real reason is that they are so smiley! They are so excited to meet a “real American” and think that I am just the coolest person ever. Every time they talk they are constantly smiling either because they don’t understand or because they are proud of themselves for communicating. Either way it’s adorable. I even signed my “autograph” for two students… After school we had to meet our cooperating teacher for the elementary school we will be at for the next two weeks. We were supposed to meet her at a grocery store in town for her to pick us up. My friend Jessica and I had absolutely no idea what we were doing or where we were going but we found our way on bike and even ordered lunch in the market in german! It felt so good to be independent again! The elementary school looks so much fun. My teacher pretty much gave us a book and said she will be sitting in the back and letting us just take over. While I will really benefit from the experience, it is a little nerve racking to teach students who know no English! After the tour of the school, I had to find my way home again, which I did successfully. Today, my sisters Bella and Lotti wanted to do something fun but non expensive. We planned to go to the christmas festival in a nearby town but it was getting late so we decided to go swimming! They have a pool that has heated water, natural and therapeutic salts, colored lights, waterfalls, massaging jets, the works!! We had so much fun swimming outside and I didn’t want to leave. How many people can say they night swam in cold weather in Germany?! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of this beautiful spa like place but I will have plenty from the weekend. Tomorrow we leave for Berlin! Hopefully I will have Internet but if I don’t I will be back Sunday night to post my adventure from the capital city itself! Until then!


6 thoughts on “Day 8”

  1. Sounds like another great day. Hope you have a great time in Berlin this weekend. Don’t know if I can wait until Sunday to read your post, but guess I’ll just have to suffer. As always tell your familie thanks for all the hospitality! Love ya


  2. Sounds like you are having way too much fun! Uncle David was just asking today how close to Berlin you were. He’s always wanted to visit Germany. Take lots of notes because we plan to tour Germany in the near future! Tell your host family in Germany they are always welcome to stay at our house in Kentucky!
    Love Aunt Tina


  3. Hi I hope that you know that our class has been wanting to see your blog and it sounds like you are having a fantastic time in Germany 👍👌👊✌️ Ps I tried our foe the quick recall team and made it😃😀

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