Day 3

Today, I got to leave the city of Werne and travel to the nearby city of Münster. To get there I got to ride on the autobahn for the first time!! It was exhilarating. I think my host dad told me we were going about 120 mph. In Germany, they use kilometers, so that may not be the right conversion, so excuse me if that is wrong. But the town of Münster is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. There are buildings there that are from the 15th century. I even got to see a bit of Carnival, which is a huge Germany (as well as European) festival held every year. Everyone dresses up in old German outfits and they sing old German songs and dance It was fantastic, even though I am pretty sure that people knew I was American. After the Carnival  we went into the oldest church in Münster. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see cages hanging from the top where they used to put prisoners to starve. The church itself was breathtaking and had one of the biggest organs that I have ever seen there. I think that we are going to travel more, so I can see more historical buildings.  Next came time for the market. Every Saturday, hundreds of vendors sell all kinds of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other things. Unlike America, everything was so cheap and was so healthy. I even got to make my own orange juice. I could have probably spent all day in that market. If you ever come to Europe and have the opportunity, go to a European market!!! When we came home we started to watched Aschenputtel, which is German Cinderella, but the power went out. We actually were without power from 3:00 in the afternoon until 11:00 pm. We found a lot of things to do to entertain ourselves and I had a great time. First, we played Monopoly, which in itself is very entertaining for me. They have the newest version of monopoly which is not like any monopoly I have ever played. Secondly, this game involves a lot more cards…which of course are written in German. The girls got a real kick out of me trying to play cards that could not be played at that time or me making up my own meaning for the words. I had a lot of fun learning and even won the second game! Next, Bella and Ellie played music for me. In Europe almost everyone can play an instrument. Bella can play the cello. Ellie can play the piano and the violin. Lotti can play the saxophone. And EVERYONE in the family can sing beautifully. I want to record them one day just so I can play it while I fall asleep. Ellie and Bella started playing and they even played the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song for me on the piano, cello, and violin. It was amazing! I seriously wanted to cry. It was like a piece of my Disney life in a new place that I loved and it was just perfect. I could feel myself in front of the ride as they played. I was happy with Pirates, but listening to Harry Potter on the Violin was also awesome. I never really thought about how much I like that instrument and how often it is played. I decided that I really want to devote more time to learn an instrument when I come back home. After we got tired of that and the candles were getting dim, we went into the kitchen and talked for hours. The dad sometimes would just randomly mention, let’s sing a song and the girls would just pick any random song and all sing it together. Dance moves, harmonization and all. Have I mentioned that I am in love with this place? The most embarrassing thing was that they started singing American classics and I didn’t know any of them! I fail as an American… I didn’t know any of the Bing Crosby songs or Van Halen, or Metallica. They taught me so many American songs that were popular in the 60s-80s…We all thought that that was quite funny. But, of course we sang Pitch Perfect and Disney. After my host mom got home from work, we went to dinner at a local restaurant. I had a salad, of course, and we were probably the loudest family there. We were laughing and talking so loud, but I loved every second of it. I already feel like I get along with everyone so well and it is only my second full day with them. On the walk home, somehow the conversation got on Dora the Explorer. Apparently, in Germany, Dora is a German girl teaching the family how to speak English, not Spanish! I find that fascinating! There are so many things that are different here. Also, my family is half dutch, so tomorrow we are starting the celebration of sinterklaas which is sort of like Saint Nick. Tonight,  I put my shoe out with a carrot as a present and I can’t wait to see what I get in the morning as a gift! Tschüs -“goodbye”

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4 thoughts on “Day 3”

  1. I have been waiting all day to see how your day was. Your posts are the highlight of my day: so keep then coming!! I am so exited for you & so glad that your are having a wonderful time & making such special memories. Don’t be looking for a job in Germany. Thank your adopted family for us for keeping you safe & making this trip so memorable for you. (I like adopted family b/c host seems less personal & it sounds like they’ve made you a part of their family) Love you!! Tschüs 😘


  2. It’s sounds like you had a fantastic time if I was there I wouldn’t sleep I’d go none stop they seem really nice and I have learned some pretty interesting things after reading your blog. I can’t wait when you come back to bates to see you again. 😊😊☺️☺️😜😜


  3. I’m glad you are having a wonderful time. I really new you would. Kind of seems like Dad drives like you want to. I really can’t wait till you get home to here all these stories in person. Keep all the post and pictures coming it make me think you are here and not so far away. Love ya Your American Dad


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