Day 1

Well. A few things that I have discovered. For one, jet lag is a totally real thing. I have never been more tired in my life. And I don’t even know how long I have been up. Did I leave today? Or yesterday? I have no idea. This concept of time zones really baffles me. For two, I may have found a way to “beat” jet lag. The night before you leave for your trip take a NAP. Yes. You read that correctly. A nap. Like 3 hours max. Then stay awake all the next day until your longest flight (after dinner) then do your best to sleep as MUCH as as humanly possible. Eye masks really help. When you land you will be tired and want to sleep but don’t! Go out and explore. FORCE yourself to stay awake so you can fall asleep at a reasonable time. Even though you will be up for days or who knows how long with probably like 5/6 hours of sleep… It will be worth it. For three… Luggage gets lost everywhere. I do not speak German but the guy was very accommodating. He not only had the bag delivered from Frankfurt Germany to Munster where the plane landed but he also had someone drive it an hour to take it to my house! For four, Werne, Germany is absolutely beautiful! It is truly what I picture Germany to look like. Everything is cobblestone, there are so many different buildings and everyone rides their bikes! There’s a fall that emits salt water and tons of biking trails! And the chocolate… The CHOCOLATE! Don’t get me started. All I have to say is thank goodness for loose pants. My new home is located right in the middle of the square and is awesome. The roof is transformed to a porch type area located four floors up on the roof of the building. My bedroom door even leads onto it where you can see the entire town of Werne!! Needless to say, one day and I’m in love. Last but not least, I have the most amazing host family!! I literally jumped out of my seat to run to my sister which was greeted by a huge hug. I came home to a cake baked for me with the word welcome! Spent hours talking. I then went upstairs to unpack and heard them singing spice girls and frozen songs downstairs. It’s fate. Tomorrow is a busy busy day, but now, at 9:15 pm. I am going to bed.






5 thoughts on “Day 1”

  1. Mom and I will be at your house this weekend. Hate that you will not be there, but glad to see you’re already having a blast! The pictures are beautiful! So glad that you made it safely! Cannot wait to read more. Post lots of pictures!
    Megs and Cooper 🙂

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  2. That sounds like an awesome first day! I can’t wait to read about all the rest of your days! I’m so glad your host family is everything you ever wished for!!

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  3. So glad you made it safely & are having a great time. Pictures are beautiful! Anxious to see it for myself! Guess I’ll start dieting next week to make room for all that chocolate. Love your bedroom & the view, I can picture you sitting on the roof reading a book. Tell your new host family thank you so much from us for welcoming you into their home & family. I can rest knowing that you have a special family there watching out for you! When you get a chance, ask about eurail tickets & let me know if I need to book one for us to Paris. But until then, enjoy Germany! Explore & treasure your new friends & home! Love you a million chocolate Hershey kisses! Mom


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