My First Passport Stamp

I finally received my first passport stamp!! Hellloooooo Canada! This is officially the farthest north that I have ever been.  We have safely arrived in Toronto and leave for Germany in just about 2 hours! I’m only going on two hours of sleep for the past day and a half and the tiredness is starting to kick in. I met a nice woman on the plane that was from Scotland! She talked to me the whole way about how life in Scotland was where she has traveled. It is funny, but she has been in more American states than I have. She also gave me many tips! Apparently chocolate is much better in Europe than in America. If you are going to travel throughout Europe, she said two of her favorite places are St. Germain in Paris and the Tower of London in England. Also, future travelers. She said that if you were going on long flights, buy a pair of compression socks! It will help the blood circulation and make it easier to sit for long periods of times!


4 thoughts on “My First Passport Stamp”

  1. Hey I hope you will have a good time and I wish you the best of luck and I will look at your blog every week😊😴 ps. Try to get some sleep


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