One Week Until Travel

I leave for Germany in one week. Yes, you read that correctly. One Week. Am I ready? No. Am I overwhelmed. YES! I am more excited than a kid at Christmas, but I am not very sure what to expect. What do I pack? What don’t I pack? How will the flight be? Have I mentioned I have never left the country before? Or that I know little to no German? It is going to be a chance of a lifetime and I am more than enthusiastic to hop on the plane to Ger-man-y with a dream and a cardigan, but it is all happening so so fast. As my to do list dwindles down and anxiety skyrockets up I will soon be immersed into a different country and all of the culture that it contains. A new family, a new job, a new home, a new school, a new chance. A chance to have the adventure of a life time. An adventure that will start in one week!


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